Applying to college is more chaotic than ever, and the SAT is one reason why. While the test is an important part of your child’s college applications, it shouldn’t require the high expense and time burden of traditional SAT prep in order to do well on it.

Prep4SAT does what SAT classes and prep books can’t. Instead of providing generic test prep geared towards the average test taker, the app pinpoints your child’s proficiencies and weaknesses on the SAT and tailors its instruction so that your child learns efficiently and effectively.

Better yet, the app provides a comprehensive SAT course and wealth of resources in a mobile app that your child can use anywhere at a fraction of the cost of an SAT class.

Powerful SAT Prep that Works

Our adaptive mobile learning platform is proven to help students score higher on standardized tests. Over 140,000 students used our first app, Prep4GMAT, to prepare for the graduate management admission test, making it the top-rated study app in the U.S., India and China.

Prep4SAT pairs the same personalized learning format that’s made Prep4GMAT so successful with the best SAT content available to help high school students reach their score potential on the SAT.

Authentic SAT questions that replicate the real test

On Prep4SAT, your child practices questions just like the ones he or she will face on test day. Each question is paired with detailed explanations that break down why the correct answer is right, and with intuitive features like the question X-ray Button and the ability to eliminate answer choices, your child learns proven question-answering strategies used by the best test-takers.

The rigor of a personal tutor
The accessibility of a mobile app

Powered by adaptive algorithms developed at MIT, Prep4SAT tailors SAT prep to your child’s current ability on the exam. As your child masters test concepts, the app gradually increases the difficulty of practice questions, helping your child stay challenged and motivated. It’s like having a personal tutor by his or her side whenever studying.

Analytics make studying engaging and shareable

When students can see their improvement, motivation becomes natural. Prep4SAT’s detailed analytics break down your child’s test performance in each area of the exam and a score predictor shows his or her estimated SAT score.

When your child selects the share feature, you too can see his or her study performance on your own web-based dashboard, so you know how prepared your child is before the test.

Expert help whenever needed

If your child is struggling on a section of the exam or needs a little extra help understanding a tough question, he or she can receive one-on-one help from a network of professional tutors. Your child has the ability to chat with a tutor directly through the app, or with your permission, meet up over Skype or in person.

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