Prep4MCAT fits powerful MCAT prep into your schedule and into your hand.

The MCAT is one of the most challenging standardized tests, but it’s not just the test that’s difficult.

  • The MCAT covers 11 semesters of college science courses. Just knowing what to study is a challenge.
  • With class, lab, and volunteering, there’s never enough time to study.
  • MCAT courses cost more than $2,000 and a set of prep books cost around $200.

Prep4MCAT fits effective MCAT prep into your crazy schedule.

  • Prep4MCAT packs 1,600 questions, 1,000 flashcards, and over 70 lessons into an app you can use anywhere.
  • With expert questions from the The Princeton Review and a course vetted by med students who scored highly on the MCAT, Prep4MCAT helps you master all AAMC-tested topics.
  • Prep4MCAT’s analytics zero in on your areas of opportunity. You’ll know exactly which topics you need to drill into and which topics you’ve already mastered.
  • The full app only costs 149.99, and is free to download and start studying with.

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